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  • Beyond Networking: The Importance of Nurturing An Inner Circle of Women

    23 January

    Not all “networking” is the same, and maybe the word itself needs attuning.

    The more your network reflects an inner circle of...

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  • Cherie Blair launching £10m mentoring campaign to help female entrepreneurs

    23 January

    Click to follow The Evening Standard Cherie Blair will unveil the “100,000 Women” project at Davos for the World Economic Forum...

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  • The global gender gap is even worse than we thought

    23 January

    A closer look at new research from the World Economic Forum shows that gains in education mask some troubling trends.


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Latest research

  • 5 shocking facts about inequality, according to Oxfam’s latest report

    Oxfam’s Time to Care report says the world’s 22 richest men have more money than all the women in Africa. It’s just one fact...

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  • The reskilling revolution can transform the future of work for women

    The need for digital skills is an opportunity to keep more women in the workforce and ensure they reach more senior roles.


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  • The Impact of Great and Terrible Leaders


    OST PEOPLE have been around a bad leader at some point. Someone who doesn’t communicate, sets impossible expectations, or is... Read more
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